The Wonder of the Revealed Unseen

Workshop by Wolfgang Zurborn at Fondazione Studio Marangoni, Florence

25.3. - 27.3.2011


Mattia Polisena


with photographs by:
Lara Aiana • Riccardo Bonfigli • Robert Cole • Paolo Corti • Davide Cusenza
Beatrice El Asmar • Tommaso Fontanella • Valentina Maggetti • Matteo Pisu
Mattia Polisena • Lorenzo Rugiati


In no other time before people have produced so many images in the public space. The technique of digital cameras is getting more and more easy and you can take thousands of photographs, because you don’t have to buy expensive films. Especially in a world famous touristic city like Florence every corner in the streets should be pictured continuously, but conventions are telling you, what’s worth seeing, and so most images are showing the same. The only way to tell something truthful about the relation to this city is to find a personal approach and to create images from places, architecture, situations, people etc. in the urban life, they are witnessing a real interest in the depicted.

In this workshop we want to discover the small sensations in the day to day life, the strangest in the most normal places, we often overlook while we go about our business. In all details of the urban life we can find traces, how people are dealing with the present, overflowed by symbols and signs of history. The process of taking photographs can give you a feeling of living in the moment. A strong photograph shows your relation to the world around you and for the spectator it’s a real wonder, if he can see normal things and situations in a very new perspective, realizing that everything can be significant.