The Art of Making Photo Books

Workshop by Wolfgang Zurborn

Maia Kishmaraia

Results of the participants:
Arkadi Manukovi • Giorgi Isakadze • Maia Kishmaraia
Mano Svanidze • Thoma Sukhashvili • Zurab Basheleishvili

The participants of the workshop "The Art of Making Photo Books" by Wolfgang Zurborn realized in two days concepts and dummies for publications of very differnt personal works. In this slideshow you can see the spectrum of brilliant photographic approaches ranging from documentary and journalistic to experimental and conceptual styles.

The photo book is the most original form of photographic expression. A collection of great photographs is not automatically a brilliant photo book. You need an intelligent concept and a feeling for a convincing edit of the photographs to create a personal statement about your perception of the world around you. The selection of the photographs, the dramaturgy of the series, the design and layout of the pages, the touch and feel of the cover and the paper and many other details have to point out the idea of a book to have a lasting effect on the viewer.

In this workshop Wolfgang Zurborn gave some ideas and stimulations especially for the editing of images, for combining and sequencing photographs, so they can tell personal stories about the every day life. Its often a problem to follow too strict concepts without listening to the photographs and understanding the special nature of a photographic image in contrary to the written text. The target of the workshop was to get an understanding of the special grammar of images. Thats one of the most important aspects for the art of making photo books.

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