Art meets Science

Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, October 2014

Results of two workshops by Wolfgang Zurborn
with young Indian photographers in Ahmedabad and Kolkata

Kannagi Khanna, Arko Datto, Aamir Jasdanwala

Participating photographers:

Imran Ahmed, Arko Datto, Shruti Desai, Shubham Dharmsktu, Manoj Bharti Gupta, Aamir Jasdanwala, Srinivasa K N, Kannagi Khanna, Sunny Lamba, Poornima Marh, Hitender Noonwal, Swastik Pal, Anoop Ray, Aditi Rokade, Shankar Sarkar, Partha Sengupta, Rutul Shah, Sneha Trivedia.

Exhibition organized by DWIH, German House for Research and Innovation.
Special thanks to Annette Doll-Sellen and Alexander P. Hansen

Thanks to Manik Katyal, Rishi Singhal and Suvendu Chatterjee for nominating participants of the workshops.

For the friendly support by the production of the exhibition prints we thank the Megalab AG, Cologne

Swastik Pal

Exhibition at Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts, right: Imran Ahmed

Wolfgang Zurborn

Publication about the workshops. Box with 20 individual booklets for every photographer