A celebration of photography with a large group exhibition, artist talks, guided tours, Instagram take-overs, video meetings and a party.

Elke Sonntag, Maverick

The exhibiting photographers:
Jackie Baier • Monika Barth • K.T. Blumberg • Eva Brunner • Marina d’Oro • Sonja Düring • Janick Entremont • Uta Genilke • Monika Hager • Dieter Hanke • Gabriele Harhoff • Christine Herold • Peter Hilden • Hengame Hosseini • Irinadabo • Anne Jenter • Tobias Keppler • Steffen Knop • Lena Matrosova • Uwe Nölke • Torsten Schumann • Dieter Seitz • Cina F. Sommerfeld • Elke Sonntag • Ruth Stoltenberg • Corinna Streitz • Barbara Thieme • Rosemarie Zens • Wolfgang Zurborn

Johanna Jackie Baier, Royal

Photographs have their very own sound, their very own grammar. In the workshops of the Lichtblick School with Wolfgang Zurborn, the participating photographers develop an intensive sense for a harmony of images. The presented photographic positions present a variety of subjective perceptions and values in the real everyday world. In very individually elaborated series of images, personal photographic views of striking phenomena of the present, of social contexts, private relationships, as well as fragile constructions of memories of the past are shown.

Ruth Stoltenberg, Ndar

Vernissage: Friday, September 24, 2021, 7 p.m.
Introduction: Wolfgang Zurborn "Listen to the photographs!"

Exhibition: September 25 - October 17, 2021

Location: Pop-Up-Raum Hamburg, Grindelallee 129, 20146 Hamburg
Opening hours: Wednesday - Friday 5-9 p.m. | Saturday - Sunday 3-9 p.m.

The Pop-up-Raum is sponsored by the Hamburg Kreativ Gesellschaft

Within the framework of:

Monika Barth, La Lunga Strada

The team:

Press: Eva Brunner
Organization: Monika Barth
Art Director: Lena Matrosova
Curator: Wolfgang Zurborn

Uta Genilke, Dunkle Sonne

Torsten Schumann

The detailed program of the pop-up festival "Listen to the photographs!" will be announced soon on: